Kardomance Alpha Access: Getting Close…

Here is the list of implemented mechanics for the alpha version of the game :

– Health system for heroes and creatures.
– Shuffle and draw cards
– Monster attack system
– Local multiplayer
– Mulligan system
– Cursors and cursor animation
– Win/lose condition system (based on hero HP)
– Taunt ability (a creature with taunt must be attacked first before attacking other creatures on the same path)
– Summoning animation
– The system of choice of perks + active/passive perks
– The bonus selection phase at the beginning of the game (for player A and player B)
– The “coin” card that gives mana to the player who plays second.
– The turn system (with an “end of turn” button)
– The different zones (as explained in the rules)
– The win/lose animation
– Animation for lethal damage

Some information :

– We have signed with a development company
– The alpha will be ready in exactly 4-5 weeks.
– We are working hard every day to give you the best.
– Trailer in less than 55 days
– Private sale (tokens) in +/- 80 days (more details will be sent to you + the exact date…..)
– Limited place ALPHA