Kardomance: The Evolution for Card Games with NFT

Collectible card games have gone through several revolutions: collectible sports cards (baseball cards in the 1950s), then
playable cards (Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh), then digital card games (HearthStone, Gwent) and more anecdotally, card games
using NFC, AR or VR technologies (Malkyrs, Drakerz)

The card game is therefore a genre that is not about to disappear but is constantly being renewed.
The next revolution for card games is undoubtedly the NFT technology (Sorare, Gods Unchained, Cometh).

NFT technology offers several advantages to card games:
1. True ownership of cards and the ability to trade them in different secondary markets
2. No risk of damaging cards while playing (a physical card can lose up to 95% of its value when damaged)
3. Integration with digital devices, offering the possibility to play with anyone in the world and cross-platform gaming
4. Transparency and total security of players assets via the blockchain (no risk of counterfeiting or theft)

And maybe in a few years, the possibility of using these cards in different metaverses.

Kardomance is the bridge between two core markets: