What do we know about Kardomance?

Kardomance is a blockchain-based card game, featuring a unique modern & fun gameplay, and using NFT cards as game assets. It’s a competitive card game where players fight each other using NFT cards and taking place in a fantasy universe.

Features and strengths

  • NFT Based card game. Allow a true ownership of the cards for players
  • Unique and novating gameplay. A unique gameplay focused on replayability that renew
    the gender
  • Play to earn. Player can earn Token and NFT as reward for playing
  • Multiple game modes. Dedicated to different kinds of players
  • First NFT card game to have a focus on eSport. NFT eSport is a strategic market, almost inexistent
  • Ambassadors. Kardomance partnered with +20 ambassadors all over the world
  • 4000 active members. Fully organic grown community in 2 months
  • World class illustrators. To create handsome illustrations for the cards